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Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

Finding comfort and support from our four-legged friends

At New Beginnings Therapy, we are passionate about the use of well-trained animals as a supplement to talk therapy. According to Pet Partners, the use of animal-assisted therapy can help reduce stress and anxiety, reduce feelings of worry, increase feelings of social support, and improve overall well-being.

People and dogs

Meet Our Therapy Dog Team


All of our therapy dogs are groomed regularly, are up-to-date on their vaccinations, and are taken to the vet annually for check-ups and other appointments as needed. They are kept under supervision of their handler at all times to ensure the health and safety of everyone (furry and not).

An assessment will be done with a client prior to participation in Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) to determine if it is a good fit for both the client and the animal. It is the responsibility of the client to inform the therapist of any allergies or potential health concerns that would mean that AAT is not in their best interest. A separate consent form with more information will be provided to the client before engaging in AAT.

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